UV530 Protective Orange Flip-Up

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Dimensions: A- 135mm B-54mm C-60mm

• Polycarbonate Flip-Up with UV 530, 540 and 550 tints providing specialized protection from UV rays.
• Highly recommended for people suffering from ocular disorders or who experience extreme sun exposure
• Clips designed to fit nearly all types of Rx eyeglass frames both metal and plastic
• Squeeze to open the clip to have it securely attached to the bridge of eyeglasses
• “Sticky” vinyl clip, soft rubber coated legs to protect ophthalmic lenses, and minimizes shifting and scratching
• Lightweight will not damage the frame or the lenses of the spectacles.
• Easy to use flip-up or down with only one hand, clip to prescription frames with positive indexing lens positions

A – 135 mm B – 54 mm C – 60 mm



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