Large Sunglass Case
(10 pack)

20 Pairs
Large Sideshields

Loris Antiseptic Ispropyl
Alcohol Pads

Anti-Fog Treatment

Lunettoyeur Anti-Fog
Lens Cleaner


130ml bottle with flip-cap

250ml bottle with flip-cap

250ml bottle with pump

500ml bottle with flip cap

500ml bottle with pump

Optical Supplies

Kleargo houses over 2000 optical products with categories such as lens cleaners, nose pads, screws, sunwear, lenses, readers, sports goggles, repair parts, tools, accessories, lab and exam supplies.


Are you an Optometrist, Ophthalmologist or an Optician?

The levels of training and expertise, and the core competencies, are different for each type of eye care provider but your product needs are the same. We serve all doctors of optometry. When it comes to vision and eye health, we’ve got you covered for over 45 years.