Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner 2.5L

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1. Digital control, 2-color LED display, 1 to 30-minute full range timer.

2. Use stronger industrial grade Φ38 ultrasonic transducer with improved commercial driving circuit for powerful cleaning.

3. 2500ml SUS304 stainless steel cleaning tank.

4. Capacitive sensor technology, touch sensitive keys, good water proof.

5. Heating feature, ceramic heater(100W). 65℃ temperature limited.

6. Degas feature, overheat protector.

7. 4mm engineering plastic housing, double fixing structure, good water proof and anti-interference.

8. Suitable for cleaning large number of eyeglasses and tools.

Other Information:

Frequency: 38KHz. Fast cleaning speed.

2200ml indirect cleaning tank for penetrating cleaning and easy water changes for shop use.

Moisture-proofed PCB, industrial grade IC, durable and anti-interference.

Cooling fan for continuous running.