3M Fresnel Prism – Press-on

Transparent easy to use 3M PRESS-ON prism lens


3M™ PRESS-ON™ prism lens 3M™ PRESS-ON™ prism lens

Transparent easy to use 3M™ PRESS-ON™ prism lens

The 3M™ PRESS-ON™ prism lens is a simple, therapeutic way to correct several visual disorders and they are useful for some refractive corrections for both types of optics, either temporary or long term corrections.

This 3M™ PRESS-ON™ prism lens, 90-12500 is used for temporary vision correction and may be referred to as Fresnel optics. The lens has a diopter of 25.00.

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Suggested Applications

  • For temporary vision correction on eye glasses, safety glasses, or goggles
  • Apply to face shield for temporary use
  • Can be applied to the entire lens or to any region of the lens
  • Needs no adhesive.


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