Digital Lensometer

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  • Automatic recognition of single and progressive lens
    •Hartman testing method, CPU high-speed precise computing
    •Green LED light source, ABBE compensation no need
    •Automatic identifying the lens type, automatic measurement,
    automatic reading and memorising the data
    •5.7 inch high resolving power LCD screen
    •Broad contents, strong performances, simple and convenient
    •Latest international designing concept of collecting technology,
    mode and individuality
    •With PD, built-in printer and inner UV part.

    1.More functions
    2.High speed(not simple speed only, that’s the image taking in,
    data transmitting, calculating and processing in synchrony and
    precision and high speed)
    3.High precision(powerful software processing capacity,
    unparalleled house-in optical circuit structure designed)
    4.High quality components, high standard, fine workmanship
    (three key standards: strict components purchasing, production
    controlling and testing)
    5.Substantial, generous and integrated appearance designing
    6.High stability(failure rate at 1% or so)