Mono Air Silicone Nose Pads – Great for Oakley frames

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Great for Oakley frames Made with German Silicone.

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High quality mono air silicone nose pads that are great to use on Oakley frames and are made with pure German silicone.

Mono air silicone nose pads are made with high-quality characteristics and designed to take on the appearance of Air Active nose pads;

  • Guaranteed 100% no fillers
  • Resistance to yellowing
  • Last twice as long than other nose pads brands
  • Are often wider than other nose pads which provides more comfort.
  • Great to use on Oakley frames
  • Comfortable air pocket nose pads for a specific mount only
  • Air pocket hollow chamber that allows air circulation

German silicone nose pads do not contain any plasticizers, therefore they will not provoke skin allergies and irritation.
Not only the German silicone nose pads are a better choice for your customers, they also have a strong adhesion to the polycarbonate post that provides a more efficient and long-standing separation resistance!

The Mount:

Proper nose pad adjustment and mount are essential for a comfortable fit.

To mount the Mono Air Silicone Nose Pads, find the creased part below the raised bubble cushion section of the nose pad.  Insert the creased part onto the teardrop shaped cutout nose pad arm  flat metal piece.  The flat section of the Mono Air Silicone Nose Pads should be facing the eyeglass lens when mounting. And the part that rests on the nose is the elevated rounded section.

  1. 12 mm in length and 7 mm wide.
  2. Proper care and cleaning ensures a long nose pad life.
  3. Recommended replacement of worn or damaged nose pads every three months
  4. Replacing nose pads insures continued comfort to your customers.

NOTE: If you require more information regarding this special nose pad mount please email us

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12 mm