Optical Crimp on Nose Pad Adjustment Pliers



Adjusting nose pads can be tricky without using the proper tools!

Our economic crimp on nose pad adjusting pliers are the right option to easily and safely adjust nose pads to your customers’ eyeglasses frames.

  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Securely holds the joint.
  • Grips the entire nose pad surface.
  • Good to use for screw on and press on nose pads
  • Can be used on B&L frames such as antique, retro frames and vintage Ray Ban, Ray Ban Aviators.
  • Useful when the nose pad arm is flush against the nose pad.
  • Comfortable Nose Pad Arm Adjusting Plier.


  • Material: stainless steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Package Include:1pc x Adjusting Plier

 The Mount:

Proper nose pad adjustment is essential for a comfortable fit, Our economic crimp on nose pad adjusting pliers grasp on to the entire nose pad surface with their curved hook casing for cradling the nose pad that will make repositioning the nose pad easy.

  1. Simply mount the metal insert flat bars and crimp on to nose pad arm.
  2. It’s essential to have the T shape hooks raise over the inside border of the nose pad arm slot.
  3. To have the nose pad pop into place make sure the press the nose pad in while straightening.
  4. Similar in design to a “Press-On” “Snap-In” nose pad mount, however, will not work for a standard “Press-On” “Snap-In” mount.
  5. Proper care and cleaning ensure a long nose pad life.
  6. Recommended replacement of worn or damaged nose pads every six months
  7. Replacing nose pads ensures continued comfort to your customers.
  8. Allow 1-3mm error
  9. Recommended Tools to replace nose pads:
    1. ECONO Narrow Chain Pliers
    2. ECONO Flat Pliers
    3. ECONO needle LONG-NOSE Pliers
    4. Crimp on nose Pad Adjustment Pliers