Polarized Tri-Acetate UV 400 Lenses

Superior impact resistance. Blocks 100 percent UV. Lighter than high-index plastic lenses.

Can be cut with scissors


Dimensions: 0.8mm x 54mm x 65mm

Hard Coat: Scratch-resistant

Scratch-resistant coating protects lenses and provides durable lenses, without Hard Coat lenses are easily subjected to scratches.

Polycarbonate Lenses
Polycarbonate lenses are a standard for safety glasses they are also an excellent choice for rimless eyewear, sports goggles and children’s eyewear.
Polycarbonate is used in a wide variety of products such as motorcycle windshields, “bulletproof glass,”  swimming goggles and safety glasses due to their solid components and improbability to fracture.

Polarized UV400
Polarized UV 400 sunglasses lenses are designed primarily to prevent bright sunlight, high-energy visible light and ultraviolet radiation  from damaging or discomforting the eyes.  The UV 400 protection with polarization contains a special filter that blocks intense reflected light and block blinding horizontal glare. Polarized lenses provide great vision for the outdoors by improving visual acuity and reducing glare from reflective surfaces.

UV400 Protection
Ultraviolet radiation and light can be harmful for the eyes, over exposure to UV rays may cause high potential of cataracts, retinal damage and other eye problems. UV protection blocks and absorbs ultraviolet (UV) light providing the eyes required safety.


Additional information

Dimensions 1.5 × 50 × 70 mm

Brown, Gray

Lens Base