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This patented silicone snorkel features three vents and twin baffles for easy water drain. The first vent is a side chamber with a downward outlet that contains a mounted valve. The second vent is a mounted valve located on the bottom of the Y-branch chamber that allows water to be easily drained with an effortless puff. The third vent is located on the top of the snorkel and is uniquely designed to prevent water from entering.
The first baffle is suspended inside the side chamber to guide the exhaled water toward the first valve. The second baffle is suspended inside the Y-branch chamber to also guide the exhaled water toward the first valve. Before using, turn the shower tube backward 90 degrees to get the best water draining effect.
  • Quick-release snorkel holder
  • Maximum air volume intake and exhaust valve
  • Corrugated flex joint and mouthpiece made with high quality silicone
  • Clear silicone mouthpiece and clear silicone corrugated flex joint
  • Semi-dry snorkel with 3 vents for easy water drainage.

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