Slim Screw-On Silicone Nose Pads

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Made with German Silicone.

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High quality slim screw-on silicone nose pads made with pure German silicone.

These nose pads are made with high-quality characteristics;

Guaranteed 100% no fillers
Resistance to yellowing
Last twice as long than other nose pads brands
Are often wider than other nose pads which provides more comfort.
1 mm in thickness

German silicone nose pads do not contain any plasticizers, therefore they will not provoke skin allergies and irritation.
Not only are German silicone nose pads a better choice for your customers, they also have a strong adhesion to the polycarbonate post that provides a more efficient and long-standing separation resistance!

The Mount:

Proper nose pad adjustment is essential for a comfortable fit, our “Screw-On” “Screw-In” silicone nose pads are easy to install.

  1. Nose pad is inserted into a rectangular box part of the frame and fastened with proper size screw.
  2. Proper care and cleaning ensures a long nose pad life.
  3. Recommended replacement of worn or damaged nose pads every 6 months
  4. Replacing nose pads ensures continued comfort to your customers.

Recommended Tools to replace screw on nose pads:

  1. Aluminum screwdriver 
  2. Flat blade
  3. Scratchless nylon

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10 Pairs


12 mm