Lens Marking Remover, Removes Ink Markings FASTER and Safer Than Acetone, in 3 Seconds Flat. Acetone-Free

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MARKAWAY The effective way to remove stubborn lens markings on progressive lenses.

Markaway is a leading product that removes permanent markers, dissolves inks, body oils, grease, glue and sticky labels. Markaway safely removes lens ink markings on all lens materials including polycarbonate and high index.
Does not contains Acetone or lens damaging solvents. Instantly dissolves and removes any progressive ink markings and does not contain acetone it is safer than other lens ink remover that contain caustic acetone that ruins polycarbonate lenses.


  • Acetone-free
  • Safe on Polycarbonate Lenses and High Index lenses including edges, as well as AR Coated Lenses.
  • Does not contain any lens damaging solvents.
  • Removes lens marker paint and permanent markers markings in seconds.
  • Takes off hard to remove markings on progressive lenses.
  • Dissolves inks, body oils, grease, glue, sticky labels.
  • Improves lab safety and efficiency
  • Reduces lens remakes
  • No scrubbing, eliminates unwanted micro scratches
  • Dries instantly; no oily residue

Markaway can also be used as a graffiti remover!

How to Remove Lens Markings
Using a paper towel, cloth, tissue or a swab simply dip it into Markaway solution for 2 seconds and gently rub the marked area of the lens. The wetted towel can be reused as long as Markaway removing liquid remains active.

Check out the Markaway Refillable Pen for convenience and ease of use.

Markaway lens marking remover refillable pen

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