Why CouCou reading glasses?

Because… your customers are always hunting for the perfect pair of reading glasses CouCou’s glasses are:

You may ask yourself why you should include the CouCou reading glasses line among your collections?  The answer is simple, CouCou readers are unisex, one size fits all. And they are available in formal colour schemes or creative vivid eyewear colour options for your extravagant clients with a vibrant personality!

CouCou readers are an affordable option for prescription reading glasses since they are available in a wide range of powers and do not require custom-made lenses.
Your customers will be able to enjoy the ability to have a variety of coloured frames to suit their mood or outfit.

CouCou readers make a statement for affordable plastic frames with the following advantages:

  1. A great opportunity to boost your reading glasses sales.
  2. The most practical reading glasses, a cleverly designed concept.
  3. Fashion-forward reading glasses, also have matching cases & clip-on.
  4. Lightweight and durable plastic frames! yes the plastic is flexible yet strong and corrosion resistant
  5. Plastic frames are Hypoallergenic, which is an excellent option for your clients with allergies against certain metals.
  6. Perfect for your hobbyists & tradesmen clients.
  7. Price & quality, not only they are already at an affordable price.
  8. Your business can take advantage of Kleargos’s offer order 12 CouCou readers and get one free.

CouCou readers key features is that they can hang snugly in a non-unobtrusive way around the neck when they are not in use or can be tucked away in their matching case.


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