Why German Silicone Nose Pads?

Why German Silicone Nose Pads?

When you need to provide your customers with high quality nose pads that will give them the best value for their money, German silicone nose pads from Kleargo are the answer. Based on 45 years of business experience and development we have selected Pure German Silicone Nose Pads due to their high quality characteristics.

  • Guaranteed 100% no fillers
  • Resistance to yellowing
  • Longer durability lasting up to twice than other types of silicone
  • Wider in size than most Chinese nose pads which provides more comfort.

Furthermore, German silicone nose pads in contrast to Chinese silicone nose pads do not contain plasticizers, which are used as fillers that may provoke skin allergies and irritation due to the possibility of impurities. Not only are German silicone nose pads a better choice for your customers, they also have a strong adhesion to the polycarbonate post that provides an efficient and long-standing resistance to separation!

symmetrical-silicone-screw-on-nose-pads-drawing symmetrical-silicone-screw-on-nose-pads-drawing-14mm Mono-Silicone-Nose-Pads-11mm Mono-Silicone-Nose-Pads-10mm Mono-Silicone-Nose-Pads Slim-Push-On-Silicone-Nose-Pads symmetrical-Silicone-press-on-nose-pads-18mm symmetrical-Silicone-press-on-nose-pads-14mm symmetrical-Silicone-press-on-nose-pads-13mm Primadonna-Silicone-Nose-Pads-19mm Primadonna-Silicone-Nose-Pads-15mm Primadonna-Silicone-Nose-Pads-9mm symmetrical-silicone-screw-on-nose-pads-drawing-16mm symmetrical Silicone press-on nose pads


Kleargo’s German silicone nose pads are the perfect nose pads replacement option for your customers, even though they are resistant to yellowing we recommend the replacement every three months with a fresh pair in order to maintain the comfort, proper adjustment of an eyeglass frame and keep your customers glasses hygienic.

When selecting replacement nose pads for your customers’ glasses, try to select nose pads that are as close as a match as possible to their existing nose pads in order to insure their comfort.
Kleargo’s German silicone nose pads wide selection is composed of:

  1. Symmetrical Screw-On Nose Pads, where the nose pad mount is pushed into a Square box part of the frame then a screw is inserted into place.
  2. Symmetrical Press-On Nose Pads, where the nose pad is pushed into a rectangular box part of the frame.
  3. Primadonna Nose Pads, where the T shaped mount insert have small tabs to keep nose pads secure 
  4. Bayonette Nose pads, Inserts slides onto pad arm bar “Zeiss” nose pads
  5. Slim Silicone Nose Pads, available in Screw-on or Press-on 1 mm in thickness
  6. Mono Nose Pads, all silicone pad with no polycarbonate insert
  7. Press-On or Screw-On Air Active Nose Pads, Air Active nose pads are made with hypoallergenic silicone. They are designed with an open chamber that allows air to circulate creating extreme comfort and preventing nose pad burns.
  8. Clear Self-Adhesive Silicone Nose Pads, they are great to use on plastic eyeglasses frames due to their flexibility and bendability they conform to the shape of the frame.
  9. Mini Fit Nose Pads, silicone pads that are adhered to plastic frames with 2 drill hole mounts.
  10. Mono Air Pads, great to use on Oakley frames.

Kleargo’s Nose pads collection also includes PVC, Polycarbonate, glass and titanium nose pads we make sure of your customers’ needs whether they are wearing reading glasses, sunglasses, computer glasses safety glasses,or optical designer frames.

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